Restored glory for a midcentury beauty.


Designed by Taylor Meyers and Stella Amadee, this remodel was our first design collaboration with VFLA Architects! It took 5 months to get the design just right for our most extensive project yet, but we couldn’t be happier with the result.

1320 Luke, is a Post-War Modern house at the edge of Old Town. We replaced the central structural wall with new posts and beams to rearrange the floor plan, centering it on the entertaining space below a massive Chestnut Oak. The laundry room was moved from a cramped hallway to a dedicated room of it’s own so the the oak tree would be visible all the way through the house when you step in the front door.

Restructuring the main level layout also allowed us to create a master suite. A freestanding tub and Euro style walk in shower make the master bath a real retreat.

The materials palette balances walnut, oak, quartz, porcelain, steel and brass. The diverse fusion of materials gives the house a dynamic feeling, with unique spaces. The whitewashed oak floor is the common element on the main level, tying everything together.

As with our other remodels, in designing the interior we were guided by a principle of promoting an organic flow between unique spaces rather than one monolithic space, or many small spaces with doors separating them. Custom divider screens help smooth the space transitions from the front porch to the entry, from the entry to the living room, and between levels of the house.

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